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  We are proud to be among the first companies in Romania, to implement the Quality Management ISO 9001:2000 in design and services performing in our field: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Having as major target Customer Satisfaction using Advanced Technology and Complete Applications.
Aer Tech has become a leader both on local and national HVAC/R market.

  Therefore, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unit's monitoring goes hand in hand with the customer's total satisfaction. In fact, one of  our leading policies is that monitoring and preventive maintenance cause no troubleshooting. Aer Tech has always recognized that total satisfaction can only be achived by ensuring the highest possible levels of quality right across the distribution-service spectrum.

  For the Company this has involved considerable investment in personnel and infrastructure. Customer satisfaction is a dynamic concept which must anticipate both technological and market changes and needs continuous input of fresh ideas. The Company's philosophy is to provide its clients a wide range of products, services and knowledge, using values as: Brand Recognition, Challenge and Inovation and High efficiency.

  Our specialization is in cooling systems and data transmission equipment for radio and television, to clea / medium ultrapure electronics and microelectronics industry, operating theater environment purity 99,997% - in the medical field.

  We have the experience to intall, interventions on request, repair and commissioning work to the operating nominal parameters for high precision air conditioners: DENCO, ATS-STULZ, HITECSA (especially design to fulfill the requirements of high density loads in data centers,PBX, servers rooms).THere services have been extended also on the air conditioning equipment designed for special environmental conditions:APPLIED COMPANIES, ZHENDRE ( all applications referrend to satellites, radar shelters;


Planning and advice constitute only a part of Aer Tech`s complete solution.Our commitment to costumers extends to a service package.

  Due de specific requirements, we have to focus on monitoring clean rooms or spaces that require close control of humidity and temperature parameters ( as for laboratory experiments on animals). For these cases, we offer Airborne Particles Monitor and Digital Microbial Air Sampler.

  Aer Tech has always been aware of the importance of effective and speedy communications.This is why we were glad to contribute to the national strategy of implementing the e-Government in Romania, being among the pioneers in the efforts of introducing this major program.

   To summ all this up, Aer Tech proposes you a long-team , constructive partnership with purpose of keeping the atmosphere as pleasant as possible-in all respects.