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Offices, Banks, Conference rooms

Increased comfort, a healthier working environment and energy efficiency are now viewed as essential in today`s high-tech office buildings. Modern heating and cooling systems extract moisture from the air we breathe, causing dry throats, tired eyes, breathing problems and static shocks.At work, the resulting discomfort affects staff morale and attendance, which is damaging, dangerous and costly.

Aer Tech know that clean , fresh, purified, ionized and humidified air makes the environment a nicer, healthier place to work.With that objective in mind, we provide complete solutions for offices , banks and conference rooms. Read more

Military Applications

Highly valuabe electronic equipment used in military applications must be protected from failure due to excessive temperature variations.In addition, optimal humidity levels will avoid electrostatic discharge or condensation, while good air filtration reduces damage caused by dust transportation. Read more

Hospitals, Surgery Rooms

In the critical zones of operating halls, especially for intensive care and patient isolation, the intake of contaminated air must be avoided in order to protect the patient. Furthermore, pleasant working conditions for the medical team are essential to secure their efficiency.To achieve this goal,Aer Tech provides compete systems for hygienic components, to comply in all respects with the specific norms and standards. Read more

Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Cooking steam , smoke and others odors contribute to stale air, which lowers standars of comfort and increases the risk of respiratory problems.Aer Tech has a solution for all kinds of ventilation installation. Aer Tech supplies products that fit restaurants and pubs, as well as bakeries, cake and pastry shops and cafes.On the other hand, our company offers humidifiers that purify and humidify the air, eliminating dust, smoke, obnoxious smells, bacteria and viruses. Read more

Supermarket - Food Warehouse

Insulation panels

Industrial refrigeration compressors

Showcases and freezers cold rooms, fully equipped, custom adjustable depending on the space needed.

Dehumidifier storage for fruits and vegetables

Solutions for temperature optimization. Read more

Pools, Gyms

Without adequate ventilation, rooms quickly lose their freshness.

Aer Tech had the ability to combine effective ventilation, whitch depends on selection of fans of the correct extraction capacity, with humidifiers that provide the correct relative humidity.In fact, optimum humidity levels and good air filtration reduce damage caused by airborne dust. Read more

Optical fiber and data transmission, Printing

Using traditional ^comfort ^ air conditioning to protect sensitive electronic equipment could prove to be a mistake.Traditional ^comfort^ air conditioning is desiqned to provide cooling and heating for personal.

Aer Tech provides precision air conditioning which addresses the specific requirements of sensitive electronic installations and the need to ensure that they operate efficiently and reliably arround the clock.

Aer Tech supplies precision air conditioners used to cool shelters,cabins, utility rooms and all other applications for the IT industry.

Many materials are affected by low relative humidity.Low relative humidity encourages static electricity, producing costly, unpleasant effects in many areas of industries.For a sheet-fed printing machine, for example, Aer Tech can supply humidifiers which provide the correct relative humidity to assist paper handling so that papers can run at full speed.On web presses, paper breaks are reduced and electrostatic problems are avoided. Read more